Unaccompanied baggage service is best for travellers

Many a times it so happens that travellers are unable to take the number of luggage that they want, all of this because the airline does not permit extra baggage.  Even if they do take, then passengers have to pay high amount of charge for the unaccompanied baggage.  This really burdens the travellers and puts a hole in the pocket.  All of this is now stopped because of Unaccompanied Baggage Service.  This service is offered by courier service providers and is one of the best service for travellers.  Let us look at some of the benefits of this service below.

Benefits of unaccompanied baggage service

1)      Travelling has become easier with this service.  Now those extra baggage can be given to the courier service and it will reach the destination.

2)      This service comes for a reasonable price and does not pinch the pocket.

3)      With unaccompanied baggage service one can easily plan travel and enjoy every bit of it.

4)      Do not worry about the baggage with this service, it will reach the destination safely, on time without any damage.

5)      Explore different courier services and choose the one that fits your budget.

Express Air Logistics is the courier service provider that offers this service to the customers, get the best service from us and our trained team will ensure that it reaches the destination on time and the luggage is absolutely safe with us.

If you want to know more about this service, then do visit us or call us for more details.

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Avoid the excess baggage charges with courier

Usually travellers complain of getting charged a very high rate for taking their excess baggage.  Sometimes, people are compelled to take the extra bags for various reasons.  Therefore, courier service have given travellers a very good gift named courier service for excess baggage.  By using this particular service travellers can take the bags that they require without worrying about Excess Baggage Charges.  This service is a boon for people who travel often.  There are various courier companies that provide this service.  One has to do proper research and use the best courier service which offers this service for a reasonable price.

Benefits of avoiding excess baggage charges

1)      People are free to travel as they want with the number of luggage they need.

2)      Travelers need not pay a very high rate to the airlines to travel with extra luggage.

3)      Excess baggage charges are very reasonable and are affordable for all travellers.

4)      Courier service providers are professional and the baggage reaches the destination safely.

5)      Enjoy your travel and also have a wonderful time in the new destination by having all the essentials you need in your travel bag.

Express Air Logistics is the courier service provider that has got the best offers for different courier services.  Choose the one that you need and you can lead a life which is smooth as butter.  There is no tension about the luggage as it will reach the destination absolutely safe with no damage or loss.

Come to us and we will give you all details about the service and you can also get an idea how much it will cost for you to book this particular service from us.

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Importance of international courier services USA

Billion changes have come into being in the transport department.  There are several things happening in today’s day and age, which we could not imagine in the olden days.  United States of America is one of the most prominent countries in the world.  There are lakhs of immigrants, students, businesses that keep settling in the country.  This is the reason why international courier services USA holds a prominent place in the courier business.  There are millions of people who use this service for both personal and business use.  There are businesses that have expanded from the Asian countries to the USA they do need support of the best courier system.

Advantages of international courier services USA

1)      It has made it possible for businesses to expand with ease and confidence.

2)      All the goods are easily sent from one country to the other and they reach absolutely safely without any damage.

3)      This service can also be used for relocation; all the household items can be sent to the new location with ease.

4)      Students can use this service and get home made products with ease and speed.

5)      New training materials can be bought from the US.

6)      Online shopping has become easy with this service.

International courier services USA is here to make our life easy, we are able to communicate more effectively, send things across with ease, be a part of the special occasion virtually and maintain the professional as well as personal bond with our friends and family.

Do use the services of Express Air Logistics and you will know how courier service can improve your lifestyle and make positive changes in your personal as well as professional life.

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Travel stress free with unaccompanied baggage service

Travelling has become more comfortable and smooth because of the presence of courier service.  Earlier travelling was not so easy, as one had to take extra care regarding the luggage when they were travelling.  Apart from worrying about the luggage, one had to pay more to the airline for those extra or unaccompanied baggages.  After the arrival of unaccompanied baggage service travelling has become easy.  With this service, one can give that extra baggage to the courier and they will ship it across for you.  The bag is safe and will reach the destination on time.

Why use unaccompanied baggage service?

1)      It makes travelling easy and smooth.

2)      The luggage is safe with the courier service and reaches the destination on time.

3)      This service is reasonably priced and does not make a whole in the pocket.

4)      Now take as many baggage’s as required in your travel.

5)      Do not miss the connecting flight as the baggage is taken care by the courier service.

6)     Do not be stressed while travelling be relaxed and enjoy your journey.

Express air logistics is the company that offers unaccompanied baggage service to its customers. Now one can travel with ease and confidence and also manage the baggage without any worry because of this service.

Come to us and we will be more than happy to help you with this service.  If you want details about our other courier services, call us or visit us and our team will be happy to help you.

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Overseas courier services are a boon for one and all!


There have been tremendous changes in the transport system, in the olden days one could not think of transporting two heavy boxes or luggage and receive the same in other part of the world in few days time.  One would have to wait for several days at a stretch to receive the item.  But now, things have changed because of courier service.  There are variety of services available in this kind of transport activity.  One of the most popular service is the courier services Bangalore.  Bangalore is one of the most happening city in the present time.  It has got variety of businesses that have established themselves from abroad and many Indian businesses have also put their foot forward in the international market from Bangalore.  All of this would require a best courier service so that the business runs smoothly.


Advantages of courier services Bangalore

1)      This service gives immense opportunity for the business to expand with ease in the international market.

2)      Shopping online has become easy because of the availability of overseas courier.

3)      Students who go abroad to study are benefited by this service.

4)      A layman can be in touch with family and friends because of this service.


Courier services Bangalore is a big hit among people as it has made life easy for both people and organizations as they are able to send and receive different items with ease.  The goods sent reaches the destination safely without any damage or delay.


Do come to express air logistics if you want to know more about overseas courier and we will be more than happy to help you.

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Unaccompanied baggage can be picked up and shipped anywhere!

Travelling should be made memorable and joyous, if you travel with lot of things on mind, especially the worry about excess and unaccompanied baggage one cannot enjoy travelling or travel time.  In the olden days one could not imagine any such service that would take the unaccompanied baggage for you.  But, now things have changed and people are using this service when they are travelling, it eases out lot stress among travelers and they are able to enjoy their travel because of this service.  Courier service is now providing this service for travelers who are doing international trips and generally have a lot of luggage.

Benefits of unaccompanied baggage

1)      One can ship any kind of items using this service.

2)      One can ship heavy luggage and bags when travelling abroad.

3)      Relocating families usually use this service when they are able to send heavy materials and all their household items across sea using this service.

4)      The service is used by many families and individuals which makes it easy for them to travel.

Express Air Logistics Courier service provides this service to their client and customers which makes it easy for them to travel and enjoy their journey.  This service, keeps the goods ready to be picked up on arrival by the passengers.  One need not worry about the unaccompanied baggage because this service helps all the passengers to take up worry less and stress less travel.

If you want to avail this service, do feel free to call us and we at express air logistics will be more than happy to help you!

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Avoid Excess baggage charges with courier service

There are millions of people who travel; many do it for a reason, while others do it for fun.  Whatever may be the case; baggage and luggage is a part and parcel of travelling.  It becomes a must to carry certain items, which are important.  Before the advent of courier service, one used to carry all the items and also pay the excess or extra baggage charges which used to be tremendously high, especially in air travel.  The amount paid to the airlines for the excess baggage is huge and it will definitely pinch the pocket.  Courier service has definitely made life and things easy.  It has helped many travellers with excess baggage service.

Excess baggage charges is every reasonable in courier service, one can pay the amount and also be free of any tension regarding the luggage.  The bags will reach the destination on time and is also absolutely safe with the courier service provider.  There are different courier services, one has to check all the services and book the excess baggage service in advance for the traveller to enjoy tension free travelling.  This service helps the person to take the connecting flight as scheduled without missing it due to the worry or checking of baggage transfer.

Express air logistics is the company which offers excess baggage service, they have priced the excess baggage charges extremely reasonably and people can afford to pay the amount to enjoy a tension free travel, and at the same time get all there extra luggage with ease to the destination and enjoy the stay with comfort.

Feel free to come to us or visit our website to find out more about charges for this service, we are more than happy to help you!

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Make life comfortable and easy with international courier services USA

Courier service has become a part and parcel of life, without which things might not move as expected.  This generation wants everything fast and instantly and courier helps people get what they want from any part of the world.  Express air logistics is the company which offers the best courier service to its clients and customers.  With courier service, many things have become possible, businesses are able to expand and the world is getting to know about a brand with ease due to courier service.  International courier services USA is one of the most popular service that is being utilized very often for both personal and business use.


Advantages of international courier services USA

1)      People are able to send and receive variety of items with ease from the US.

2)      Businesses are able to expand with confidence because of this courier service.

3)      Relocation has become possible and things are able to reach to any part of the world because of international courier services USA.

4)      World has become small and distance is not a problem anymore because of courier service.

5)      Courier services has changed the way people lead lives, it has made things easy and comfortable.

Courier service has changed the world and has made our life much more simpler and easy.  We are able to send and receive goods with much more ease, they are safe and reach the destination without any damage.  Express air logistics is the international courier service provider that offers this particular service to its clients.

Please, do feel free to contact us to get more details about this service or other courier services that we offer, we would be more than happy to help you.

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Food business have got a strong hold in the world market

We all are aware that food is an essential commodity and it is one of the basic needs that needs to be met.   There are variety of dishes and food items available throughout the world.  With the development of food industry there are many food shows that come on television, due to which people have become more aware about different types of food available.  The knowledge of food items also helps public to maintain their health, recover from frequent cold, flu and other common health issues, by taking right kind of food items.  All of this is possible because of the advent of transport system which is called courier service like international courier services for food items.

Companies who are into food production are benefited with this service and are able to expand their market worldwide.  There is no restriction when it comes to send the goods from one city to another or one country to another.

Let us look at some of the benefits of international courier services for food items.

1)      It has made possible for the food industry to touch the world.

2)      All the foodies are benefited by this service, as they are able to order food item from any part of the world.

3)      Immigrants need not miss their home food, as it can get delivered at their door step with this service.

4)      Students need not miss the home food, because it can be procured using courier service.

5)      The food items come on time and are absolutely edible when they reach the destination.

6)      Online shopping for food items is now possible because of courier service.

7)      Food producing and manufacturing industries have benefited a lot from this service.

Express air logistics is one of the international courier service company that offers international courier services for food items for its clients and customers.

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It is easy to expand the food business in the international market

Are you venturing into any kind of food business, or are you already into it, it does not matter.  Because now it has become easy to promote your business in the national as well as international market due to the changes and advent of courier service in the transport system.  Courier service provides lot of assistance when it comes to personal or business needs.  There are different kinds of services that the courier provider offers and one of them is International courier services for food items.  Use this service and you can see how your business blooms in a while after getting used to this particular service.

Let us look at some of the benefits of international courier services for food items.

1)      It has made it possible for the perishable food items to reach the destination much before time, so that it can be enjoyed by people abroad.

2)      It has become easy to expand the business in the international market due to this service.

3)      Online shopping has become popular and people are able to order their favorite food item from anywhere in the world.

4)      Courier service has become extremely professional and businesses are using it as the service is absolutely up to the market, safe and the product reaches the destination as promised.

5)      Enjoy all kinds of food sitting in your home with this service.

Use courier service for all your needs, with the addition of international courier services for food items the courier service has become extremely popular.  Now all the food businesses can afford to or think of expanding the business in the markets abroad.  We are here to send all your products to the location on time and with utmost safety.  Use this service from express air logistics the international courier service provider.

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