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Express Air Logistics exclusively specializes in delivering International Courier For Excess baggage/ Unaccompanied Baggage of Individual customers and corporate customers through its International Courier / Cargo / International Airfreight mode to any destination worldwide. Our Major areas of concentration is around U.S.A, U.K, Europe, Canada, Dubai, G.C.C countries, Australia & New Zealand being the hallmark destinations of our Far East belt. In present fast moving generation, customers worldwide have realized that carrying the burden of International Excess/unaccompanied baggage while travelling abroad is increasingly becoming a stressful experience for them as every International airline is imposing strict rules and regulations by limiting customers to a bare minimum weight allowance. Anything beyond the restricted allowance in the International airline language is referred to as Excess/unaccompanied baggage for which the charges levied are exorbitant and unaffordable at times to customers.

This is where you can professionally rely on the services of Express Air Logistics. Express Air Logistics not only does pickups the shipment but handles everything right from the packing of your entire International Excess/Unaccompanied baggage with a free door pickup till your baggage is safely door delivered to your preferred destination. We also take care of the process of Airport custom clearance to its safety. This Exclusive service called International Excess/Unaccompanied baggage specialists helps customers worldwide to en cash on anything with our service. Customers can have a hassle free check in at any international Airports by handing over their International Excess/unaccompanied baggage to us and have a pleasant journey to any part of the world without any worries as we take care of the rest. Express Air Logistics also goes one step ahead in providing storage facility of International Excess/Unaccompanied baggage for customers who would want their baggage to be delivered on their specified given time when they reach the preferred destination.

We make this possible by collaborating with multiple associates for our warehouse distributions. Express Air Logistics also inform its esteemed customers worldwide that under the Brand International Excess/unaccompanied Baggage Specialists we have attractive discounts for students, senior citizens, corporate, handicapped, infants etc. Altogether Express Air Logistics can be considered as a one stop shop for all your International Excess/unaccompanied baggage needs. Please feel free anytime to log into our website https://www.expressairlogistics.com for more details.